Hi.  You’ve reached my little space on the internet.

On my Blog I like to dive deeper into the more psychological/philosophical aspects of various topics that pique my interest.  These topics in turn tend to revolve around the more existential questions of our time, interpersonal dynamics, but also with a splurge here and there of the more practical and mundane such as self-help and productivity ideas.

A quick disclaimer: The views expressed here on the blog are entirely my own, colored by my subjective experience and my own internal thought-/emotion-processes.  As such they are in no way meant to preach or dictate, but more to stimulate free thought on their various subjects.  I would like to encourage any and all to comment and share, or contact me directly to open discussions.  Let’s talk!

Also, if you have any ideas for topics you’d like me to discuss or share my views on, please do share them with me and I’ll be sure to let my mind run with it!

I know the site may not, at present, seem to have a clear focus on one particular topic, but check back often as changes are bound to happen gradually… In reality, it does paint a pretty good picture of my own thoughts and ideas – my topical interests are varied and the level of energy I devote to any one of them fluctuate constantly, as is also the case with life’s constant ebb and flow.

I’ve recently also made myself available to providing writing and graphic design services on a freelance basis.  Please do visit the newly added Services page to how I might be of assistance.

Remember, any suggestions and comments are welcome and we look forward to engaging with you!

Thank you for stopping by, and we wish you well.  ❤


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