Every once in a while…

Every once in a while something minuscule happens that is so unbelievably profound, that it has the potential to steer u off in an entirely new direction…
Will u follow when the breeze calls?

A feather may make it’s way down over the oceans of the world, carried forth on the breath of the earth to gently touch down at your feet, right at the very instant when your heart, torn apart by the loss of a loved one, aches in longing for but the simplest of miracles.

It is then when, at the sight of such a feather, the last little remnant from a brief but violent struggle thousands of kilometers away, one which ended in the death of one, to feed another, the heart of the beholder may soar in delight, saved from eternal despair, at the expense of another.

A parable, the above, perhaps, but one that may enlighten, when viewed by the student yearning for knowledge.

In other sense, simply an interesting play on words which may create some imaginary flight of fancy, and a moment’s escape…

Unbelievable, still…yet entirely real.


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