The Dream LogoToo many leaders are in the world today, that are trying too hard to be leaders.

Leaders are not made. They are not grown. They are, or they aren’t.

It is a fundamental characteristic of the universe to be a leader wherever you find yourself, or not, as intimately and simply as it is for the first growth of a budding seedling to ultimately become the apex of the tree top. It simply is so. By design, by choice.

Choice implies a chooser. An entity behind the action of the choice, that wills the choice into being.

The entity choosing to be the tip of the spear, the apex of the tree top, the first growth of the seedling, is the same entity that follows.

Followers naturally follow. It’s in their nature. They wake up and look out into the world for others that have gone before and then, they copy. It’s by design. It’s the safety of nature. The nurturing of nature. The promise that whatever happens, will either continue to happen, or it won’t. No judgement, no punishment. It simply is so.

And within each happening, there are beings, experiencing the happening. Some beings experience the first growth, the spark, the beginning of a happening. Others experience its end. All beings are the same entity. One thing. One….it.

Time flows ever onward, yet does not move, start, or stop. It simply…is.

Energy is never created, and it never ends. It simply…is.

God. You. Me. We. Us. All. Nothing.





“My awareness awoke and found itself walking along a valley. The grayish, dusty gravel beneath my feet were crunching and giving way slightly under the pressure of my body’s weight as I lay down each step. Strolling, not purposely moving. Wandering. I was in no rush to go any where. I had no reason to move quickly. No hunger to drive me forward save for the continuation of changing scenery before my eyes. The curiosity of seeing new things.

On either side of me the slopes of the valley reached upward gently, at a low angle – it was, by all my immediate accounts, more a shallow valley between two large hills that seemed to flow on to infinity.

The gravel path beneath me snaked ever forward into the distance, seemingly never ending, flanked by soft olive green plains grass covering the hills on either side. Nothing else than the flowing river of stony earth under a thin blanket of green, caressed by a soft, pastel blue, cloudless sky above.

There was no sun. Yet, the experience was as if perpetual day time. Looking up into the expanse of light blue in all directions, I never needed to squint my eyes against the glare of the sun’s rays, as it was nowhere to be seen. The sky was empty, save for it’s baby blue hue. No clouds. Nothing.

I walked on, and as I walked the movement of my body through space created a gentle whisper of touch across my skin as the air I moved through flowed across me and around me with my own movement. As if the air itself stood still, and my mere movement caused the sensation of moving through it.

I was naked, no need for clothes. Looking down at my body I saw pale, creamy white skin, hairless, and without gender. No breasts, no genitals. I was androgynous. Gender-less. Free.

I continued on, flowing ever downward into the valley, not knowing the time of day. Comfortable, content, without pain, fear, cold, heat, love, joy, or any inner emotional or outer physical experience other than the beholding of the valley before me, and my own pure form moving through the air within it. I was simply moving. Contently.

At some moment I became aware that the valley had parted and given way to a huge, infinitely open plain of flat grassland, covered in the same soft, mossy green grass all over and, seemingly out of nowhere, trees appeared. Big, solitary trees with strong and sturdy trunks and big, lush green canopies. Jungle trees, but interspersed far apart on the grassy plains, dotting it here and there only.

I continued to move and as I passed close by one of these trees I could discern thick, dark, chocolaty brown barked trunks stretching many many many times my own height up into the air, where they reached into the massively lush green canopies above. Each tree was huge. A world unto itself.

Still I moved on, not lingering to rest beneath their shades, as I felt no need to, a slight curiosity sparking in my mind to discover more.

I looked up and saw, to my sudden amazement, floating islands in the sky. Great, massive mountains floating high above the ground I was walking on, each surrounded by swirls of light, fluffy white clouds.

I became aware that I myself, started to float, drifting upwards toward one of the floating mountains. As I got closer I started to make out great, massive roots protruding, caressing, and enveloping the undersides of the enormous blocks of floating earth. Above, each were topped by great big jungles of the same trees I saw below before on the plains. They were tightly packed here, however, forming great big jungles, and I could hear the wetness of the surrounding clouds raining onto and dripping from the leaves onto the stony earth bound together by the roots of the trees. Sounds of jungle birds and scurrying animals were emanating from within.

I looked down as I floated past one such island and saw the grassy plains far, far below me, the far flung trees on there now mere tiny specks of darker green among an ocean of moss.

I was not afraid. I smiled, and tears welled up in my eyes as the ecstasy of enraptured experience enveloped me. I was blissful, alive, joyous, and I looked around me at the many different floating jungles in the air all around – different heights, sizes, shapes – but all amazing, and beautiful.

I closed my eyes and allowed the wonder of my joyous emotion wrap me up into its warm arms of comfort as I drifted ever onward…


When I opened my eyes again I found myself lying down, curled up on my right side, on soft, light brown sand. I could feel the warmth of the baked sand enveloping me in a comfortable warm glow and in the distance I could hear…voices. People. Lots of people, talking. A crowd, gathered.

I looked up, and as my vision focused I could see that I was on a large expanse of desert sand stretching out into infinity to my left, front, and back. On my right, I saw a great, massive wall of rock, a cliff, reach up out of the sand and stretching as far as my eyes could see in either direction toward my front and back.

I got up, and started cautious movement towards the wall, knowing instinctively that’s where the voices were coming from.

I followed a line diagonal to the wall, stretching from where I awoke toward the direction of the wall that ware at my front as I opened my eyes.

I moved with the same gradual, unhurried movement as I did before on the grasslands, as if floating across the ground. I was still naked, still gender-less, still a pale-skinned, hairless, humanoid being, comfortable and unafraid.

The sounds of the voices growing louder piqued my curiosity, and I moved faster, an eagerness to know sparking within my mind.

Eventually as I neared the great big wall of stone my eyes discerned a long line of people arcing all the way along the foot of the wall, a great big procession of people, going somewhere, walking slowly in the same direction as I was moving. I felt the direction to be north, though I had no way of knowing as still, I could see no sun in the now much darker, powdery deep blue sky above. The floating jungles were gone.

I moved close to the procession of people and saw them as being all the people of the world, all the different races, genders, and ages. Some males carried little children on their shoulders, other mothers carried their babies on their backs or in their arms, or parents held the hands of their children or each other as they all walked along the great big stretch of stone cliff stretching off into the distance.

These people wore clothes. Soft, flowing cloths made of different shades of earthy tones. from white through creamy beiges to darker chocolaty browns. The clothing were all loose fitting, flowing around their bodies, draped over them. Some were hooded, others not, but none were revealing of tender flesh beneath. Some wore simple hand-made sandals, but most were barefoot.

My naked, gender-less form lifted from the ground slightly to just above their heads and I floated among them, unnoticed. No one seemed to even know I’m there, and cared none.

The crowd emitted a rush of voices softly talking among themselves, not shouting. There was no laughter. The tone felt, sombre.

I floated across the slowly moving procession in the direction they were moving, until I saw in the distance what seemed to be a big gap in the stretching stone cliffs.

As I approached indeed I saw it to be a great big gap in the cliffs, a portal that parted and provided entry to what lay beyond.

I could see another procession of people approaching the portal from the other side, and they all funneled in through this portal. They were definitely going somewhere.

My curiosity grew and I flew faster across them and in through the portal to follow their course.

As I moved in through the portal, not long after, I came upon a great big crowd of the world’s people, all massing together into a massive gathering of voices, as the channel through the portal opened and flared out onto sandy plains once more.

To the northern side of the massive gathering of people, I saw in the distance what seemed to be an enormous structure stretching upward.

It was a cross, it’s great big supporting beam stretching high above the massing crowd. About two-thirds of the way up a great big cross beam stretched north to south, parallel to the walls of stone that now lay behind me.

As the crowd of the world’s people continued to pour through the portal, I fixed my gaze upon the massive cross before me, and as I watched, as if from the thin, dry, dusty air itself, saw a being materialize onto the cross.

I huge creature in the shape of a man dressed in only a loincloth, came into being and draped onto the cross, his bare, hairy legs draping down towards the gathering crowd of comparatively insect-sized people, his arms stretched out across the crossbeam.

His head hung low onto his bare, hairy chest, unsupported by weary neck muscles.

Long black hair caked in blood, dirt, and grime draped onto and over his shoulders.

He hung there, in front of and against the cross, this massive human male being seemingly suspended in mid-air, and I floated closer.

It is only then that I became aware of my own comparative size. As I hovered in the air in front of the crucified, emaciated giant man, I knew that his enormity matched my own, and I looked upon him as equal, as brother but, as rival.

I opened my mouth and inhaled in preparation to call softly for his attention as I hung close before him, but before I could utter a word, he lifted his head, opened his eyes, and looked straight at me.

The agony and sheer sadness in his face surprised me – I was not prepared for the intense emotion his visage awoke in me. I gasped, as I looked into his sobbing brown eyes, tears streaming down his bearded face, blood streaming from within his hair across his cheeks and chest…

He looked at me, and uttered a single sentence, “I’m sorry”.

Before I could respond, he let out a great sigh, his head flopping lifelessly back onto his chest and, shortly after, his body began to disintegrate.

As if spontaneously combusting, his enormous frame seemed to crumble into dust before me, the smell of sulfur and smoke filling my lungs as the dust caught alight and disintegrated before me into a smoldering cloud of sparks and ash, before drifting upward and away into the air.

When the air cleared I could see that the cross was now gone as well, and I suddenly became aware of a rush of electrifying energy coursing through me, lighting me up from inside, warming me up and embracing me in a big glow of yellowish light.

I looked down and around me, and was amazed to find that now, suddenly, the crowd of people below’s eyes were all upon me. They could see me now.

I turned around to cast my gaze upon them, and as I did so, the massive crowd bowed down in reverence.

I looked to my left and to my right and for the first time I saw, above the endless mass of human beings below, on either side of me, great big golden, glowing wings stretched out from my back. My wings.

I looked down at my body and saw that I was glowing, a bright, yellowy-orange glow of light emanating from and all across my naked, now femininely shaped form. Still, though shaped as a human woman, I had no nipples, no genitals. Still I was gender-less, pure, and free.

But now, I was also beautiful – a true sight to behold.

I raised my head and, turning it forward and upwards, closed my eyes, a closed smile of intense joy and contentment appearing on my face and, as I stretched out my arms, palms facing upward, the glow of yellow light from within grew stronger and I floated upward, and away. Away from the crawling masses below me as they stood motionless, gazing upon my departure…”


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