Hello everyone.


Let me start off by apologizing for having been quiet over the last couple weeks.  As you may know from references in some of my previous posts, I am currently enrolled in an online business school – a course that provides its fair share of ups and downs, not the least of which being an erratic effect on the timing of personal projects.


To this effect, this post is just a quick update to let you all know that, in the coming month or so, I am planning some important updates to this website.  Part of these updates includes a very important surprise, one that I have been very focused on recently and which is the main cause for my lack of recent posting.


As I am still wet behind the ears with regards to websites, blogging, and publishing online, it is difficult for me to say just how and when these updates will occur, and it may even be that this site may be taken down completely in favor of moving to another web host, a move that may result in a complete overhaul of the look and feel of this space.


I am still exploring options, figuring out what will work best for me, my level of expertise, and what will fit in best with what I hope to achieve online.  Whatever happens, I will be sure to post any relevant updates here as I deem appropriate to ensure you remain informed.


I will say that I am quite excited about what I have planned and do hope that you will continue on this journey with me.  While some of the changes and added content may offend some of you (a very likely possibility), for which I apologize in advance, I do hope and trust that you will understand that my aim is that of authenticity in favor of trying to please everyone.  I am a firm believer in being true to oneself, and I am well aware that in doing so, it is impossible to please everyone.


The act of creating one’s own form of art, individual expression, and the sharing of ones personal, unique vision and perception of the world with others, necessarily causes a polarization effect among those that observe and follow.  True art informs without prejudice, it does not seek to please for the sake of fame.  With this I do not claim to be a “true artist” in any way, but I do intend to remain true to the art of my own individual expression.  This is also my wish for each of you.


To those of you that choose to continue to follow, I thank you in advance, from the bottom of my heart.  But to those of you that find the direction I move into, to differ too much with your own values, I thank you, too, for sticking around thus far, and wish you all the best for your divergent future.


The only true constant in life is the fact that nothing remains so, and so we must continue to move and adapt with the changes as they happen.  So, here’s to changes, and to trusting in a continually better future.


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