First short story available now!

Chronicles of Krakona: FELDIR **available exclusively on Kindle** '“Look, there’s a cave over there! Yngvald, we must take shelter now or this blizzard will consume us all!” Gizlah pulled her hood down, her other hand holding the fur scarf over her nose and mouth. She crouched lower against the howling winds and snow-blast as she… Continue reading First short story available now!

Book Review – Island Games: Mystery of the Four Quadrants

Island Games: Mystery of the Four quadrants, by Caleb J. Boyer can best be described as a magical adventure story with a few moral lessons thrown in to boot. While reading I was reminded by the movie “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2012)”, though somewhat more basic in terms of complexity. It is a light,… Continue reading Book Review – Island Games: Mystery of the Four Quadrants


A Case for Mankind Living in A Computer-like Simulation

There has been much talk in the press in recent times about the concepts of Artificial Intelligence, whether or not mankind is living in a computer simulation, space exploration breaking new ground, cloning and genetic engineering, robotics, cybernetic augmentation, so-called "clean energy", decentralized and self-regulating currency systems, etc. Elon Musk has broken new ground with… Continue reading A Case for Mankind Living in A Computer-like Simulation