UPDATE:  Our first in-house product is nearing the final stages of drafting!  Then the process of editing and reviewing will begin before a first preview will be made public.  As soon as that happens, updates will be posted on the Blog.  Watch this space!  (and thank you for bearing with us)


OK, so you’ll probably be thinking, “Hey!  This page is new,” along with a few other changes you might’ve noticed on the site.

Yes, as per my last blog post, the site is slowly gearing up to become a bit more full-fledged, the most important change being this page.

While there is nothing to see here as yet, this will be the place where I’ll be posting information on and links to any existing and forthcoming digital products I plan to make available.

For now, however, this page serves as only a placeholder while I continue to work out the kinks and technicalities of the products themselves.

Hopefully, if everything goes well and as planned, I’ll have a little something up here to kick things off in time for the December holidays!

Wish me luck!  🙂