I now offer digital services on a freelance basis for commercial, corporate, creative, and academic applications. See below for details or contact me directly for more information.


**now includes specialized APA-compliant Academic Report work**

I do the writing, proofreading, and editing of the following:
– Sales & Marketing Copy (website and/or advertisement text content, email sales letters, social media content, etc)
– Essays (school projects and the like)
– Academic Reports (academic report work now includes the option for specialized, fully APA-compliant proofing, editing, formatting, and layout)
– Creative Projects (poems, short stories and even novels)
– Newspaper and Blogging Articles
– any similar writing jobs, big or small

I can work on projects ranging from technical, academic, and professional applications, to creative projects like poetry, short stories, and even novels!

I put in the time to make sure my work is completely error-free (spelling, grammar, punctuation, and all the rest) and to your expectation.

I will also keep you up to date on progress made on large projects by sending regular drafts and progress-reports for you to check and confirm acceptance. This way I make sure I stay on the right track toward the final product you have in mind.


Audio, Graphic, and Video Designs for standalone applications, or to supplement text-heavy applications.

– logo’s, favicons, emblems, sigils, geometric artwork, etc.
– site banners, background images, document flourishes (borders and other graphical enhancements)
– posters, handouts, in-store marketing signage
– diagrams, schemas, flow-charts, technical illustrations, info-graphics (primarily for graphical supplementation of traditionally text-heavy documents such as academic or corporate reports, user manuals, informational or marketing mailers, etc.)
– digital reproduction and updating of manual or old digital graphical artwork or photography in all of the above categories
– product photography – taking and editing of product photo’s for online or print distribution
– video compilation for social media, with or without audio tracks


Consultation, setup, management and integration of various social media channels for your venture to assist in creating a digital presence for your work.

Currently supported social media channels are:
– Facebook
– Instagram
– Google+


Danjovans.Net is now a registered Shopify partner, which allows me to assist your venture in getting your products and services online via one of the largest and well-known eCommerce-platform in the world.

Services included under this section are, among others, as follows:

– Integrating your Shopify store to Facebook (pages and messenger) and Instagram
– An online store in the form of a standalone, responsive e-commerce enabled website and blog
– Shopify POS, an integrated sales channel you can operate in the field from your smartphone or tablet, enabling you to process sales and update inventory wherever you or your sales agents are


My attention to detail and staying in-line with your individual requirements, is second to none. As such I pay close attention to the goals you want to achieve with your project so as to provide tips, tricks, and guidance that will take your work to the next level – free of charge!

This includes generous guidance on spelling, grammar, punctuation, phrasing, layout, visual design, psychological impact, and other factors that would sharpen your work for the audience you intend to target.

I draw from a wealth of experience and study in the fields of applied psychology, sales, marketing, and corporate administration, to consider the factors often overlooked by other freelancers and deliver a service that goes far beyond a simple printing press.

Furthermore, I get involved personally with the challenges you face in completing the work you present to me. I believe the personalized, human touch should never be underestimated. Of course, if you’d rather just have me get the work done without too much fuss, I can accommodate that as well.

Distance is no problem – I am geared to meet with you via Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook, or What’sApp, whether by voice only or conference call, and can set up document sharing for collaborative work on large scale projects such as academic theses and the like – whatever would be most efficient get you the results you need.


For reasons outlined above I don’t believe in setting standard fees and rates up-front – I’d rather work with you toward a solution that fits your particular, individual needs.

Rates will be reasonable and within your budget – contact me with the work you need done and I will work out a tailor-made quotation for you, including free suggestions on how to take your work to the next level!

Payment models offered are flexible to fit in with your individual venture’s needs. Contact me and let’s discuss how we can work together.

Email me now! Please include:
– Your name
– The email address you’ll use to correspond with regards to your project
– Your contact number
– A brief description of the work you need done
– The time frame you need the work done in
– Any specific formatting requirements for the work

After evaluating your request, I will respond within a day or two, depending on the size of the project, with your tailor-made quotation.



– Creative projects like poetry, short stories and novels will be subject to copyright terms and conditions.
– Marketing Copy may be subject to an agreed royalty fees, over and above creation fee, as per industry standard
– Final products of corporate or marketing related graphical work becomes your property, along with the associated copyrights.