Book Review – Island Games: Mystery of the Four Quadrants

Island Games: Mystery of the Four quadrants, by Caleb J. Boyer can best be described as a magical adventure story with a few moral lessons thrown in to boot. While reading I was reminded by the movie “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2012)”, though somewhat more basic in terms of complexity. It is a light,… Continue reading Book Review – Island Games: Mystery of the Four Quadrants



So I want to talk a little bit about the game called Firewatch. First and foremost, I really enjoyed the game immensely, for several reasons:  No violence!  A refreshing change among the ocean of blood and gore filled, killing obsessed blockbuster titles of today.  Seriously, why do we have to have killing and fighting in… Continue reading Firewatch

Chasing the Dragon

Last night (some seven years ago at the timing of this post) I watched a movie that I longed to watch for a very long time, having heard about it from all sorts of different people, in varying ways. I'm sure you've heard of it. It's called Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. See it was at… Continue reading Chasing the Dragon